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British Lop producers up for Award

We’ve been shortlisted!!

We’re extremely proud to be one of the finalists in the National Pig Awards 2016.  We’ve been rearing pigs for 10 years; our first two were a  pair of Saddlebacks we named Ricky and Bianca who were escape artists but who, luckily, always came home for supper.  I don’t mind admitting I found it a struggle to eat those first pork chops so we did learn don’t give pigs destined for the plate names. For a while we bred Berkshires but in our bid to use local breeds  we settled on the British Lop which originated from either side of the Tamar and was known as either the Cornish or the Devon Lop; the pig produces wonderful tasting meat and plenty of back fat which is vital to the taste and texture of our salamis and chorizos. Producing our own pigs means we know the quality of the meat that goes into our charcuterie is the best because our pigs are bred and reared on our farm and our local abattoir is only 15 minutes away.

Cornish Lop pigs at Norton Barton Farm
Cornish Lop pigs at Norton Barton Farm

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Producer Retailer of the YearThis award is to encourage and reward all marketing efforts by producers that are employed to increase sales and establish brands, and will encompass brand development, selling through multiple retailers and farm shops.

The latest news and information is available on the Pig World website with full details of all finalists in the September editions

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