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Are you looking for award-winning wholesale artisan charcuterie for your deli or farm shop?

We are delighted to wholesale our artisan charcuterie across the country, with charcuterie deliveries leaving the farm four days a week (five in the run up to Christmas!)

We know you care where your products come from, the story behind them and that quality is paramount. Every part of our charcuterie has been developed with the utmost care, including presentation and packaging.  Cornish charcuterie is not only created to taste great, but our packaging is designed to look fantastic and enticing on your shelves.

The range of wholesale charcuterie included british pates and rillettes

We supply farm shops, delis and other prestigious customers throughout the UK and pride ourselves on warm and friendly customer service.  We have no minimum order quantities, and offer free delivery on wholesale orders over £120.  You can also include in your order products from other producers at Norton Barton Artisan Food Village, such as delicious and moreish savoury biscuits (ideal with our pates and rillettes) from Popti Cornish Bakehouse, and genuine Cornish rum from The Cornish Distilling Co.

If you would like more information on our range of charcuterie, please get in contact via the form below to request a brochure.

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