Kaffir Lime Chilli Olives from Silver & Green

Kaffir Lime Chilli Olives: Plump pitted green olives in oil marinade deliciously flavoured with chilli & Kaffir Lime leaves.

These olives have been prepared using beautifully wholesome and traditional Mediterranean methods; all Silver & Green olives are naturally ripened and then hand-picked, ready to be authentically cured…..

Silver & Green don’t use chemicals to speed up the process or turn green olives into black, and certainly no pasteurization.  Once cured they arrive in the UK where they are bathed in pure Lakeland water to reduce their saltiness before hand preparing the flavour marinates they are then enlivened with.  Fresh, healthy and delicious.


Ingredients: Pitted Green Olives (76%), Sunflower Oil (15%), Extra Virgin Olive Oil (8%), Chilli Flakes, Kaffir Lime Leaves